Endorsement Announcement

Colorado is our cherished home. It’s where I want to safely raise my family, surrounded by its natural wonders and beauty. After combat tours in Iraq and Afghanistan, my greatest desire is for peace—to build a life full of hope for my children. That’s why I will work tirelessly to make government a more efficient, better servant of all our hopes and dreams, and to preserve the majesty and spirit of Colorado for future generations.

I understand why people distrust politicians: their campaign promises are empty, their moral courage is lacking, and they are not willing to stand their ground. We have a crisis of broken trust in our officials and institutions, not least because hyper-partisanship currently rules the day. Our elected officials seem only to champion their political party rather than doing what is right for their constituents. This divisiveness cannot endure, for as Abraham Lincoln said, “a house divided against itself cannot stand.”

But selecting our representatives wasn’t always about position or party. At one time, it was about the character and wisdom of the person.

My character was forged at West Point and tested on the battlefield. As your Congressman, I will exercise the same courage and integrity that I did in theater. I will ably represent the people of Colorado, resisting the corrupting influences of Washington’s career politicians and unelected bureaucrats. I know my job is to represent everyone in our community, regardless of whether they view things differently than I do. I will not be swayed by political correctness or party lines. I will make decisions that benefit the entire CD7 community.

As a servant leader, I agree with President John F. Kennedy’s wise words: “Let us not seek the Republican answer or the Democratic answer but the right answer.”

Today, we find our country in crisis because our government has advanced policies that cause more problems than they solve. I have no interest in maintaining this status quo. I will work with the best and brightest minds to develop sound policy solutions. We will find ways to increase opportunities and make Coloradans’ lives better. We will seek balance in everything.

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Written by LUCA Staff

Endorsement Announcement

Endorsement Announcement