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Message from Alan

As I’ve talked to the good people of Rio Rancho and West Bernalillo, I’ve been asked “Why in the world would you want to run for office?”  Well, the answer is pretty simple:  I love serving and helping people. For over 25 years, I did this for the veterans of New Mexico and their families, and now I want to make our state government work for the families of House District 23.  For far too long, people have wanted a more responsive state government.  They want to feel safe, and they want better education for their children.  Business owners want to make a living and provide jobs for New Mexicans, but many of them feel abandoned and unsupported.  I want to change these things for the people in our district.  I want people to know that they will have someone to help them, to listen to them, and to work on policies that will make their lives better.  This can only be done if we all listen to each other and work with each other to make New Mexico better.   I believe that we have more in common than people realize, I think that most New Mexicans believe and hold to conservative values regardless of what party the are registered with and working together we can change the direction this state is headed.  By working together we can better educate our children, create more opportunities for young adults making the decision to leave this state, make every New Mexican feel safe, be more supportive of small businesses, and protect every New Mexican, including the unborn children whose lives are being taken away before they are able to grow up and possibly change the world.

 Although I am running as a  Republican, I hope to represent everyone in this community.  I believe that everyone should be heard and I will listen to your concerns, and work to make sure that your concerns heard in Santa Fe.  I want to do that as a member of the New Mexico House of Representatives for District 23.  I will be available for our community, and not just around election time.

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Written by LUCA Staff

Endorsement Announcement

Endorsement Announcement