We Will Defeat This Virus Together

Last week, President Trump declared a national emergency to battle the spread of COVID-19 throughout America. During this time, our top priority is to ensure our citizens are safe and healthy. The administration has established to better inform how to best prepare for the virus, and Congress has taken action to tackle the health and economic issues that lie ahead.

Our bipartisan coronavirus supplemental package puts American families and workers first. That means free COVID-19 testing and paid sick leave. This legislation also includes paid emergency leave throughout this crisis while also giving America’s small businesses the flexibility they need to keep millions of Americans employed during this outbreak.

COVID-19 represents a trial like few others in our history, but America has met every challenge it has ever faced. When President Kennedy visited NASA, he asked a janitor what his job was. “To put a man on the moon,” he told the President.

That is the same spirit that unites all Americans in this moment.

It doesn’t matter if you are a public servant, a healthcare professional, or restocking store shelves, our case is clear: we will defeat this virus together.

What do you think?

Written by PL Staff


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